Sanctuary sports turf products enhance the efficiencies and effectiveness of traditional and bio fertilizer ingredients. This approach helps to deliver an outstanding playing surface at an affordable product cost. The Sanctuary products aid with residual turf color, wear tolerance, turf density, rooting and recovery.

Sanctuary products deliver consistent and predictable performance. This success is based on rejuvenating microbial soil levels, which is the key to nutrient delivery and release. Sanctuary products combined with traditional fertilizer products deliver more optimum results while reducing nutrient pollution to the environment.


  • Seasonal Applications for Outstanding Residual Color & Growth
  • Preseason Applications to Promote Turf Density, Rooting and Stress Tolerance
  • After Aeration to Enhance Recovery and Promotes Turf Resilience

The science is simple – “Sanctuary TDN products increase the soil microbial populations that promote a natural sustainable approach. This reduces the amount of nutrients and water required without jeopardizing the turf health nor negatively impacting the environment.”

General Sports Turf Programs


  • Option:  Seeded, Sodded or Sprigged
  • Benefits: Promotes Rooting & Density, Enhances Establishment
  • Product:  Sanctuary 8-8-8
  • Rate: 20 lbs/M as a pre-plant; 10 lbs/M every 10 days after 1st mowing

General Seasonal Maintenance

  • Option: All Turf Types
  • Benefits: Promotes Residual Color, Rooting, Recovery and Growth
  • Product: Sanctuary 21-0-4
  • Rate: 4 bags/A every 10 weeks