Sanctuary TDN products are a high nutritional organic product line for Landscape & Ornamental Plant Installation & Maintenance. These products build microbial life back into tired, damaged soils. This microbial life aids with the release of nutrients complexed within these organic products or locked up in the soil. This method of nutrient management reduces common, reoccurring agronomic issues. Simply, Sanctuary TDN products enhance soil energy levels. Based on this energy value, Sanctuary TDN products are the most cost effective organic product on the market when compared to other organic fertilizers that contain manure or bio solid ingredients.

Sanctuary TDN can offer alternative products and program solutions that:

  • Reduce Nutrient Levels by Delivering More Sustainable Product Options
  • Reduce Water Usage by Improving Water Infiltration and Retention
  • Reduce Pesticide Usage by Enhancing Microbial Life that Reduces Agronomic Issues

Sanctuary TDN Products are safe on “Any Type of Ornamental Plant, Applied Anytime or for Any Weather Condition or for Any Agronomic Issues.” Sanctuary TDN offers a wide range of products that balance ingredient energy cost and results. This energy value separates Sanctuary TDN products from other competitive products.


Most ornamental problems begin in the soil. This is nothing more than “Tired Soils… the Root of Most Soil Related Problems.” The Secret of the Sanctuary products – we build “Soil Health by Building Bio Diversity.” Simply, the Sanctuary adds nutritional energy to the soil that builds back the microbial diversity & life.

This nutritional energy is best defined by its “Total Digestible Nutrient Value” or TDN Value. The TDN Value estimates the energy derived from fertilizer’s natural ingredients. A high TDN Value translates into increase microbial populations and microbial bio diversity.

Simply, it’s the energy value that separates organic fertilizer types. Protein meal products have 4 times the energy value of manure products; and 40 times more energy than bio solids. Chemical fertilizer and humic acid products have no energy value to build microbial life. In fact, microbial life is being destroyed by today’s chemical management practices.

Sanctuary TDN products enhance microbial bio diversity that promotes:

  • Nutrient Uptake
  • Rooting & Resilience
  • Ornamental Plant Health
  • Stress & Wear Management
  • Disease Management
  • Excellent Flower, Fruit & Fall Color

Sanctuary TDN products contain rich nutritional organic ingredients that explode the soil microbial populations. By building microbial life, Sanctuary TDN rejuvenates these “Tired Soils.” This improves the soil’s nutrients and water  holding that reduces problems and promotes “Outstanding Ornamental Plant Quality.”