SANCTUARY 11-21-21 CRN + PROBIOTICS – Horticultural & Turf Applications

SANCTUARY 11-21-21 CRN + PROBIOTICS – Horticultural & Turf Applications is a water-soluble organic hybrid nutrient product containing beneficial bacteria. This product delivers a controlled release nitrogen that provides a sustainable fertilizer to promote rooting and stress tolerance. In addition, this product contains non-nutrient nutritional components that include carbohydrates, humic acids and yucca. These nutritional ingredients stimulate a wide range of the beneficial soil microbial populations to enhance nutrient delivery. This approach helps to manage common plant, weather and stress problems while promoting plant resilience. This product can be injected into the root zone or applied as a soil drench for ornamental horticultural applications. Plus, this product can be broadcasted sprayed for golf and sports turf applications. Sanctuary 11-21-21 provides a controlled; sustained release of these nutrients throughout the growing season. This product can be used throughout the growing season to improve rooting, microbial stimulation and overall plant health. This product is ideal for all types of ornamental and landscape plants – plus this is a great product for golf and sports turf under summer stress.


  1. Provides Plant Nutrients that Promotes Rooting and Overall Plant Resilience.
  2. Stimulates Beneficial Microbial Populations to Enhance Nutrient Availability and Uptake.
  3. Delivers a Non Ionic Organic Wetting Agent to Improve Water Infiltration and Conservation.
  4. Provides a Slow, Sustainable Release of Nutrients.
  5. Promotes Nutrient Availability in All Soil Types and pH Levels.
  6. Delivers a Non Burning, Low Salt Nutrient to Maximize Plant Safety.

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