Sanctuary Tee products are designed to promote faster turf recovery and rooting. The Sanctuary products increases the biological health of the root zone. This biological dimension increases the nutrient and nutritional reserves that promote outstanding turf quality. Sanctuary products are ideal for all types of root zone mixes. Listed are some programs that will reduce problems and enhance tee recovery.

Sanctuary Nutrient Management Benefits:

  1. Enhances Residual Color, Turf Recovery & Rooting
  2. Promotes Stress Tolerance & Disease Management
  3. Reduces Common, Reoccurring Disease & Agronomic Issues.
  4. Explodes Microbial Populations Building Nutrient Reserves
  5. Promotes Water Infiltration, Penetration and Conservation

Sanctuary TDN products add a new dimension to your tee nutrient management programs. By enhancing soil energy levels, the soil microbial population will explode delivering these program benefits.

Sanctuary Tee Product Granular Options

Sanctuary 8-0-4, Sanctuary 8-3-6, Sanctuary 8-8-8 & Sanctuary 18-2-6

Sanctuary Tee Product Liquid Options

Sanctuary Prevention, Sanctuary Soil MD, Sanctuary Stimulation, Sanctuary Iron and Sanctuary Vitality


Tee Maintenance and Recovery

Sanctuary granular products, used at a low monthly rate per acre, will provide a foundational feed for the natural soil microbial populations.  This builds nutrient reserves in the soil that reduces tee recovery time.  Each soil microbial is a mini bag of fertilizer that promotes recovery, rooting, density and color.


Sanctuary 8-0-4, 8-3-6 or 8-8-8 applied at 200 lbs/A/Month.  Sanctuary 18-2-6 applied at 100 lbs/A/Month

Supplemental Bio Liquid Program: Sanctuary Prevention and/or Sanctuary Soil MD should be applied to offset the negative impact of turf fungicide products.


  • Promotes Density & Rooting for Faster Tee Recovery
  • Reduces Stress & Disease Problems
  • Delivers Outstanding Residual Color


The Sanctuary organic products used at aeration promotes microbial life that promotes and supports healthy root development. Sanctuary promotes faster recovery, increases nutrient retention and builds microbial populations. All these translate into better turf quality.


Sanctuary 8-0-4, 8-3-6 or 8-8-8 applied at 200 lbs/A after Mechanical Renovation. 

Supplemental Bio Liquid Program: Sanctuary Prevention and/or Sanctuary Soil MD can be applied to further reduce recovery time. (See Colorado State Research)


  • Reduced Recovery Time
  • Enhances Rooting
  • Improves Water Conservation
  • Reduce Thatch Build Up
  • Delivers Outstanding Color & Density


The Sanctuary organic products applied in the late fall promotes continued turf recovery plus aids with winter disease management. This application promotes turf recovery from summer stress, provides an excellent seed starter, promotes rooting and delivers outstanding spring green up & color. This application is ideal for both cool and warm season turf. On warm season turf, this program extends turf color into the fall, reduces spring disease issues, and builds carbohydrate levels in the root system to enhance spring transition. On cool season turf, this program aids with summer stress recovery, winter stress tolerance and outstanding early spring color.



Sanctuary 8-3-6 or 8-8-8 applied at 400 lbs/A after the temperature drops.  Sanctuary 18-2-6 at 200 lbs/A

Supplemental Bio Liquid Program: Sanctuary Prevention and/or Sanctuary Soil MD should be applied to further build microbial populations and promote soil health.


  • Enhances Turf Recovery
  • Density & Rooting
  • Improves Water Conservation
  • Reduce Thatch Build Up
  • Promotes Disease Reductions of Winter Disease Issues


The Sanctuary bio liquid organic based products deliver both nutrients and nutrition. These products are developed to explode soil microbes that have been damaged by the use of pest control products or chemical fertilizer products. These products help to balance the soil and reduce common reoccurring agronomic issues. Plus, they enhance the environment for microbial stimulation.



Sanctuary Soil MD and Sanctuary Prevention.

Supplemental Bio Liquid Program: Sanctuary Prevention is applied at 1 gallon per acre.  Sanctuary Soil MD is applied at 1 quart to 1 gallon per acre pending severity of the problems.


  • Explodes Microbial Populations that Enhance Nutrient Uptake
  • Promotes Residual Color, Turf Density & Rooting
  • Builds Microbial Populations that Promote Stress Tolerance & Disease Management