There is a continued debate regarding the difference between organic and synthetic fertilizers.

The key to answering this question lays in understanding the difference between nutrient and nutritional values.

Based on nutrient management, the plant can only utilize the ion form of the nutrient.

However, there is a catch 22 that differentiates synthetic from organic fertilizers.

Traditional fertilizers are released mainly by a chemical reaction in the soil.

Alternatively, organic fertilizers are released into the soil through microbial action.

This microbial action requires the nutritional energy found in organic fertilizers. This key nutritional difference plays a critical role in soil health that translates into turf quality. The unique benefits of organic fertilizers include increasing the total microbial populations as a vehicle of storing nutrients, providing a bio-competitive environment to reduce disease and stress related problems, and increasing the energy rich carbon source to stimulate microbial populations.

The Sanctuary products provide the basis for a sustainable system. Listed is a brief overview of the nutritional benefits of The Sanctuary organic fertilizers.


Low carbon/nitrogen organic ingredients provide an easily digestible carbon energy source that stimulates microbial diverse populations. Besides the benefits of increased bio diversity, these microbial populations are storage sites for carbon and nutrients within the body of the microbe. As these microbial populations change, these nutrients are released into the soil for use by the turf or plant. This method of organic nutrient management enhances the overall environmental friendliness of this approach. Based on applied rate and organic content of the Sanctuary product selected, these same biological processes continue over the next 30 to 120 days. These same benefits are not available using traditional synthetic fertilizers.


The soil is comprised of billions of microorganisms per gram of soil. These microbes are mainly fungi, bacteria and viruses. An essential element to soil health is a good microbial bio-diversity. A healthy soil system comprises of a competitive balance of diverse microbes at different pH levels, moisture content, temperature ranges and food energy levels within the soil. A single dimension traditional nutrient management program will create an imbalance within this soil system. Hence, a multi prong approach to nutrient management inclusive of chemical and organic nutrient sources reduces overall turf stress levels and improves turf quality. Good “Substrate Nutrient Management” provides a diversity of chemical and organic nutrient imputes to the soil system that enriches the life and bio-diversity of the rhizosphere. These many benefits are found in the Sanctuary product line. The various Sanctuary products “Work With Nature” to offer this multiple dimensional approach to soil management.


Organic protein ingredients are rich in energy and amino acids that are digestible carbon source for the microbes. This carbon is aerobically released from the protein as O2 and CO2. This CO2 is an essential component used by the plant for photosynthesis. These proteins are reduced to amino acids. These amino acids are the food sources for the microbes and the building blocks of life for healthy plant growth. Without carbon from organic mineralization, the turf is weak and prone to all types of stress related problems inclusive of disease, insect and weather problems. These proteins are the foundational ingredients to the Sanctuary product line.


A key element of incorporating organic products into a fertility program is building healthy soil based on increased microbial populations. This approach enhances the overall life of the soil and increases the bio-competitiveness benefits within the soil system. This bio-competitive system provides the nutrients for turf health, reduces the impact of repetitive problems like disease and supplies essential amino acids for plant growth. An integrated program inclusive of the Sanctuary products enhances the overall soil health and turf quality.

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