Since the beginning, Mother Nature has provided the essential basic needs for our natural plant ecosystem. For healthy growth, Mother Nature delivers carbon rich complex nutrients, water, sunlight and an active microbial soil system to deliver these nutrients. This simple approach for plant growth has in many cases been lost. The Sanctuary provides alternative products and methods that are Earth and Soil Friendly. In addition, The Sanctuary has developed biological probiotic alternatives that restore life back to tired, damaged soils. The Sanctuary offers “A New Dimension In Organic Fertilizer and Bio Catalysis” products.

The Sanctuary ingredients offer valuable benefits to soil and plant health by providing an alternative approach to plant management. This natural based approach offers an exciting alternative to traditional methods. Research has shown that traditional methods can deplete the soil of valuable natural immune systems. These systems provide to the plant the means of warding off environmental stress, disease and insect problems. The Sanctuary offers products that provide a natural alternative to build and nurture “Nature’s Sustainable System.”

We invite you to embrace this simple approach to plant and soil management. At the Sanctuary, we will continue to explore new biological alternatives. For the Homeowner, the Sanctuary is offering products for the lawn, landscape and the garden.

We Work With Nature
The Sanctuary, Inc.

Sanctuary 11-21-21 

Turf & Landscape Plant Food

SANCTUARY 11-21-21 is a water-soluble organic hybrid nutrient plant food that contains beneficial bacteria for all lawn and landscape applications. This product delivers controlled release nitrogen that promotes rooting and stress tolerance. In addition, this product contains non-nutrient nutritional components that include carbohydrates, humic acids and yucca that stimulates a wide range of the beneficial soil microbes to enhance nutrient delivery. This approach helps to manage common plant, weather and stress problems while promoting plant resilience. This product is a soil drench for ornamental horticultural applications. Plus, this product can be broadcasted sprayed for home lawn applications. This product can be used throughout the growing season to enhance turf density, color, root growth and overall plant health.


1.  Provides a Slow, Sustainable Release of Nutrients to the Lawn & Landscape

 2. Delivers Non Burning Nutrients to Maximize Plant Quality & Soil Health

3. Improve Water Infiltration and Promotes Water Conservation


Soil Drench

• Turf Application: Add 1 scoop into a hose end sprayer and apply to lawn. This covers 1000 square feet.

• Landscape Drench: Add 1 scoop into a water can or pail and mix with 1 gallon of water. Drench into the root zone area of the tree, shrub and foundational planting. For color beds, follow the same instruction

Sanctuary 5-5-5 + Probiotics

SANCTUARY 5-5-5 + Probiotics is a natural biologically enhanced fertilizer tablet for a wide range of landscape installation and maintenance applications. This product provides a slow, non-burning nutrient release that aids with plant establishment at time of installation. Plus, this product is an excellent maintenance product for annual and perennial flowers, ground covers, ornamental grass plants, flowering trees & shrubs, fruit trees and tropical plants and palms. This product contains a broad group of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. This bacteria package helps to enhance biological activity to aid with the release of soil nutrients. Lastly, this product enhances nutrient and water absorption.


1. Delivers 3 to 4 Months of Slow, Residual Nutrient Release

2. Reduces Transplant Shock & Plant Loss at Planting

3.  Promotes Rooting and Overall Plant & Soil Health


New Plant Installations:
Place the recommended number of tablets into the hole near the lower side of the root ball area. Evenly space the recommended number of tablets within the root zone and place plant into hole and back fill hole with soil. (See Planting Chart Tablet Recommendations)

Annual, Periennial, Bulbs and Hanging Baskets:
For annual & perennial flower or bulbs place 1 table per hole prior to planting. For hanging baskets, half fill pot with soil mix. Add 3 to 5 tablets per pot pending size then install plants and fill with soil mix. Repeat feeding for established plants mid season.

Established Flowering Trees & Shrubs:
Place 1 tablet into hole for each 1⁄2” of tree trunk diameter or for every 12-18” of plant spread. Punch holes around drip-line of tree to a depth of 4”to 6”. Use 2 tablets for plants showing signs of stress. Repeat feeding application in the Spring and Fall.

Established Palms & Tropical Plants:
Punch holes 12 to 18 inches from the truck of the palm around drip line to a depth of 4”to 6.” Place 1 tablet into hole for each 1⁄2” of tree trunk diameter or for every 12-18” of spread. Use 2 tablets for plants that are showing yellowing or off coloring. Repeat feeding applications in the spring, summer and fall.

Sanctuary 16-0-4 Plant Food

SANCTUARY 16-0-4 is a universal plant food product for all lawn and landscape applications. This product natural hybrid plant food delivers excellent growth, residual color, turf density, and rooting. This product also contains calcium, which promotes soil structure, water infiltration and aids with thatch management.


1. Delivers Outstanding Color, Turf Growth & Density and Rooting

2. Builds Soil Microbial Life That Promotes Turf Quality

3. Delivers A Kid, Family & Pet Safe Plant Food


Lawn Maintenance Rate: for excellent residual color and slow growth, the application rate is 3 lbs per 1000 square feet. this product can be applied spring, summer, fall and late fall for season long growth and color.

Lawn Installation Program: the application rate is 6 lbs per 1000 square feet prior to seed or sod. this is raked into the top 2 to 4 inches of the soil.

Turf Recovery Program: for improved turf recovery, the application rate is 3 lbs per 1000 square feet per month.