The Sanctuary products are formulated using high-energy animal and plant feed grade by-products. These ingredients include feather meal, fish meal, bone meal, meat meal, grain meals and blood meal. These ingredients provide much of the complex of nutrients that are found in the product. In addition, the Sanctuary product includes other non-nutrient ingredients that include humic acid, molasses, yeast, and other carbohydrates.

These combined ingredients provide the energy to feed, build and stimulate the native soil microbial populations. This formulation approach is the major benefit and difference that separates the Sanctuary products from other organic and traditional fertilizer products. Hence, the Sanctuary research studies the benefits of adding life and energy back into tired soils using these types of ingredients. These microbial enhancements translate into a variety of unique benefits that the Sanctuary delivers with each and every application. In short, a healthy soil teaming with microbial life provides the foundation for healthy turf. A healthy turf is less prone to weather, wear, disease and stress problems. The Sanctuary research explores various seasonal applications to deliver a higher quality turf.

Listed are brief descriptions of the different research projects completed to date. The Sanctuary research provides valuable feedback on application rates and timing to reduce turf problems while improving turf quality using Sanctuary products.

University Research

The Ohio State University
This project was designed to evaluate turf quality and growth response from several natural organic granular fertilizers. In summary, the Sanctuary product was one of the top performing products in the study for residual color.

Iowa State University
This project was designed to evaluate turf quality and growth response from several natural organic granular fertilizers. All treatments were applied at a rate of 4 lbs. N/M in split applications – 2 lbs. mid May and 2 lbs. mid August. Overall, The Sanctuary was the best performer in the trial for turf quality, density and consistent growth pattern having the fewest growth spikes.

Olds College
The objective of this trial was to evaluate various fertilizers for their effects on creeping bentgrass putting greens. This project was designed to evaluate turf color, quality and growth response. The Sanctuary fertilizer was the top performing organic fertilizer in the trial.

Colorado State University
The objective of this trial was to evaluate the recovery time after aeration of Sanctuary products in comparison with a standard traditional chemical fertilizer product. The Sanctuary organic product reduced the aeration recovery time by 10 days as compared to a traditional chemical turf fertilizer.

Agricultural Canada
This project was designed to evaluate the impact on the native microbial populations when using both organic and traditional fertilizer products. This study examined the impact on the overall change in microbial populations, the impact on nutrient availability and the impact on turf quality. In summary, the Sanctuary provided the nutrient and nutritional levels to improve turf quality.

Independent Research

Disease Management
This study illustrates the benefits of adding Sanctuary products to your disease management program. This study focused on the beneficial impact of using fungicides in conjunction with Sanctuary applications to enhance the overall disease management performance. The addition of the Sanctuary product provided a positive impact on turf quality during periods of the disease incidence.

Dormant Feed
This research addresses the benefits of a late fall application of Sanctuary organic products. In summary, the Sanctuary product helped to promote rooting, turf density and overall winter stress management. Plus, this application provided outstanding early spring color, which translates into an outstanding springtime turf quality and green up.

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