The Sanctuary offers a full line of horticulture and landscape products for installation and maintenance. These are all-natural bio fertilizers for a wide range of landscape installation and maintenance applications. These products contain energy rich organic fertilizer components that naturally deliver the NPK nutrients to the plant. These products provide a slow, non-burning nutrient release that aids with root regeneration and plant establishment at time of installation. Plus, these products are an excellent maintenance product for annual & perennial flowers, ground covers and ornamental trees & shrubs in foundation and color beds. Lastly, these products contain a broad group of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi to enhance biological soil activity to aid with the release of these organic nutrient ingredients.



  • Sanctuary 3-3-4 + Probiotics
  • Sanctuary 5-5-5 + Probiotics + Mycorrhizae (Tablets)
  • Sanctuary 8-3-6


  • Sanctuary 3-0-20 + Probiotics
  • Sanctuary 11-21-21 + Probiotics
  • Sanctuary Flower Show
  • Sanctuary Soil MD


  • Promotes Outstanding Rooting and Stress Tolerance.
  • Delivers an Effective, Non-Burning Organic Fertilizer.
  • Stimulates and Builds the Native Microbial Populations.
  • Enhances the Availability of Nutrients Locked in the Soil.
  • Promotes Bloom Set and Flower Intensity on Annual Flowers
  • Reduces Transplant Shock for Flowers and Ornamentals at Planting.
  • Enhances Fall Color on Ornamental Trees and Shrubs.